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Please note we have tried to clarify all general queries in layman language.

Ans: When Patients visit our clinic always express fearful experience about Painful Needle anesthesia, however we ensure to use thinnest & finest needle from world which do not create any pain while anesthesia. So, with confidence we say enjoy true painless anesthesia.

Ans: Certainly, Root Canal procedure is completely painless as well it has most long-term survival rate because of Clinical skill of Dentist to operate under Microscope that visualize details of all canals which cannot seen in naked eyes & implementing Modern technique, protocols along with Cutting edge gadgets.

Ans: Probably it is indication of failed Root Canal procedure so yes, we can retreat this failed root canal procedure by following new advanced clinical protocol under Microscope which resolve your all complaints as well tooth lesion heals completely that can withstands all habitual forces.

Ans: We always careful about prevention of cross-contamination disease to patient & staff, therefore we have trained to staff follows strict International Sterilization protocol with Cutting edge Automated Class B Sterilization unit. We also ensure to open sterile instrument Infront of patient.
When you visit our clinic, you will notice that our clinic is very hygienic along with my staff dressing code. Which is one of the state of art clinic in Maharashtra.

Ans: Recently tooth color material which is commonly used for filling in decayed tooth is term as Composite filling material. Survival of Composite filling is entirely depend on design of cavity & precise protocol of bonding, then adding different layers & colors of high grade quality of Composite material by dentist with skillfully sculpting of material with specially designed instrument that enables to recreate natural anatomy of tooth & additionally special colors are added to create effects on composite material which integrate with natural color of tooth that it becomes extremely difficult to differentiate between tooth cavity & final restoration.

Ans: Yes! Now it is possible due to most advance CAD CAM technology, however it is important to notice amount of destructed tooth. If destruction of tooth is less that can be manage by two ways One is by covering Composite filling material which again require excellent skill of dentist by to mimic natural colors of tooth, however it has chances of discoloration after few years.
Second is by Veneer treatment which is most Cutting-edge treatment in world which require very minimal cutting of front surface of tooth under Microscope that can preserve maximum tooth structure for functional forces. Then it is process under CAD-CAM with artistic painting is done by dental technician to mimic adjacent tooth & survive for long term years.

Ans: Certainly, it can treat however it is plan through study models or digital scanning which is primary planning step of Smile designing.
One option is by Direct Composite restoration which is done by dentist adding different layers of composite resin material transforming into natural anatomy by specially designed crafted instrument then it is finish & polish very carefully to mimic absolute natural anatomy, however it has limited short term life with discoloration.
Second option is Dental Veneers which is shell like Ceramic cemented on front surface of tooth. This Ceramic veneer require very minimal cutting on front surface then it is process by CAD CAM then crafted by dental technician which give natural life like appearance. It is long lasting as well do not discolor & completely functional.

Ans: Certainly, it can treat however it is plan through study models or digital scanning which is primary planning step of Smile designing.
Recently we had notice Wearing of all teeth in Middle age population that need to evaluate reason for wearing by thorough dental examination under Microscope then entire case is thoroughly planned through radiograph CBCT & study models, mockup which is primary planning steps of Full Mouth Rehabilitation.
Full Mouth Rehabilitation involve removal of loose teeth or root pieces, if wearing of tooth is severe then it is recommended for Root Canal procedure, maintaining gum health by periodontal surgery, restoration of caries teeth, placement of implant then finally proper centric occlusion is taken with facebow that help to developed desire vertical dimension & then entire procedure executed with full mouth crowns on vital non vital teeth & implant. Dental technician craft all crown under CAD CAM added with multiple colors that gives natural tooth appearance.