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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

One of great challenge to manage Children dental problems because of extreme fear of dental treatment, however Dr Anjum Shaikh is excellent clinician who understand Children’s psychology & manages very smoothly, friendly as local guardian.

Generally, Children have issues about pain in primary teeth or eruption or thumb sucking habit, so Dr Anjum carefully observes growth of all primary teeth. If noticed with decay in primary teeth, then it can be restored easily however if decay enters more deeply then recommended for Pulpotomy or Root Canal Procedure, but She gently handles children & complete treatment with precision brings children smile back. Sometimes it is recommended for extraction of Primary teeth having close observation on eruption of Permanent teeth.

Some Children have Thumb sucking habits which eventually can lead to expansion of Upper Jaw affect profile emergence of face also develops gap between Upper & lower teeth creating difficulty in biting food. Therefore, it is important to break this habit immediately with a Thumb Sucking appliance

We assure that Dr Anjum approach is highly appreciated by children & parents.