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Inlay & Onlay


When clinician notices Deep or secondary caries that eventually removes major part of tooth internally then you have two option to fill with Composite restorative material or take impression digital or manual of this cavity which then fabricated in Ceramic which is term as INLAY & sculpted, painted with different colors by skilled dental technician so that it resembles to natural tooth anatomy & color.

Inlay has more strength & is more durable as compared to composite restoration. However Composite restoration as Inlay is an immediate procedure which is performed artistically by a dentist.


When clinician notices wearing the top surface of individual Molar & Premolar then patients generally complain of sensitivity or difficulty for biting food because of loss of protective layer of enamel & exposure of sensitive inner Dentin layer.

Recent advance address on preserving maximum natural tooth structure which covers only top surface of only worn tooth by ONLAY CERAMIC.

Again, cutting of Onlay is done very precisely under magnification (Microscope) so that maximum tooth structure is preserved then its impression is taken either digitally or manually later it is processed on special ceramic by a skilled dental technician through CAD CAM which can withstand heavy biting forces.