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Dental Venner

Dental Veneer

It is increditable concept for smile designing as it is perfect solution for front teeth Gap, Stains, Wearing, Cracks.

It is a tooth color porcelain thin and long-lasting shell that bonds to the front surface of teeth mask Spaces in between teeth, Stains, Wearing, Cracks.

It is the most minimally invasive procedure that limits the removal of outermost layer Enamel.so preserve most natural tooth structure for vitality & hold maximum functional forces.

Dr Uday is a smile artist who carefully performs minimally invasive procedures under Microscope.

The porcelain veneer cutting is processed in digital 3D scan, milled & Shape under CAD CAM then custom crafted by a skilled artistic Dental technician added with multiple layering colors & change size, shape, length of teeth that transforms the entire smile of the patient. It gives immense confidence to patients for communication.

This process is truly artistic work which is performed by a skilled Dentist & Dental technician as a team

"Show the world your beautiful Smile"