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Cron & Bridge

Crown & Bridge

Crown is an artificial process full coverage cap which is cemented on a cut tooth by a dentist. Crown is indicated on Root Canal treated or occlusal wearing of teeth.

Crown is available in Metal fused to Ceramic then Full Ceramic which has three subtypes

1. Glass Ceramic is excellent for high esthetic work as dental technician can reflect the same color of adjunct tooth as well it requires minimal cutting of tooth that preserve maximum tooth structure.

2. Zirconia base Glass Ceramic is indicated where more force is required however it has limitation of high esthetic result.

3. Full Zirconia crown is specially indicated in those patients who have extreme chewing habits (Bruxism) shows wearing of enamel or Improper alignment of teeth.

Bridge is a three-unit combined crown which is cemented on an adjutant tooth to replace missing tooth.

Bridge is composed of three parts:

1. Crowns sits on top of abutment (Crown cutting tooth).

2. Pontic: Crown is replaced in missing area.

3. Depending on patient clinical situation dentist suggest different option as Metal fused to Ceramic, different types of Full Ceramic (Please follow Crown details)